Welcome to the New Orleans Transgender Institute

A collection of medical and surgical resources for the New Orleans Transgender community.

Dr. Gerhard Sol Mundinger, New Orleans Children's Hospital Louisiana

Hi, I’m Dr. Sol Mundinger. I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in pediatric and adult plastic, micro- and reconstructive surgery, a member of WPATH, and one of few experienced practitioners of gender affirming top, bottom, and facial surgeries here in New Orleans.

I started the NOLA Transgender Institute because I believe everyone should have quality access to all surgical aspects of transgender care. We’re a growing, community-sourced resource site for information about gender affirmation surgery and other aspects of transgender medical care. We’re also a group of care providers across multiple disciplines including plastic surgery, endocrinology, urology, psychology, and more, sharing resources and elevating the standards for transgender care in our region. Learn more about us and our partnering care providers.

Check out our FAQ, help us add to it by asking us a question, or drop us a line to share your thoughts. Thanks for joining us.

What is Gender Affirming Surgery?

gender confirmation surgery in new orleans

Gender Affirming Surgery is a suite of elective plastic surgery procedures that transgender patients may choose in order to more closely align one’s physical body to one’s gender identity.

It’s also known as transgender surgery, MTF (transfeminine) surgery, or FTM (transmasculine) surgery, and by outdated or inaccurate terms including gender confirmation surgery, gender reassignment surgery (GRS), sex change surgery, and sex reassignment surgery (SRS).

Phalloplasty, vaginoplasty, breast augmentation or chest masculinization, facial feminization or masculinization, fat transfer to change the shape of one’s figure, or all of the above, may be part of a gender transition plan. Everyone’s process is wholly their own. Read about gender affirming surgical procedures here.

Beginning Your Transition

What will surgery cost?
Could your transition surgery be covered by insurance?
Why is it important to choose a local surgeon?
What should you ask to make sure your surgeon is qualified?
Which procedures require a hospital say, and which don’t?

Get answers to questions about how to pay for and prep for gender affirming surgery, plus recommendations on how to best explore your hormonal and surgical options for a gender transition, choosing a doctor you trust, and determining an individualized plan of care that’s right for you. Learn more here.